Sound Narrative: Honing a Deeper Understanding of Soundscapes

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  • Daniel Walzer University of Massachusetts Lowell



Soundscape, Field Recording, Critical Listening, Narrative, Composition


This essay reports on the pedagogical and curricular decisions guiding the creative activities in the author's university course incorporating field recording, soundscape-based composition, and digital technology. In keeping with the issue's theme of 21st-century composition, the article includes critical reflection and a consideration of the influence of R. Murray Schafer. It contextualizes the course in the broader context of modern compositional activities in university settings. The author's creative practice informs much of the pedagogical framework as a soundscape-based composer.


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Biografia do Autor

Daniel Walzer, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Daniel A. Walzer is an Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA. Originally trained as a percussionist, Walzer maintains an active career as a composer and music technology researcher. For more information, please visit ORCID:


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