Invention is not taught

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  • Flo Menezes Universidade Estadual Paulista



In this text, composer Flo Menezes shares his impressions on teaching composition. The specif ic context is his experience as a selected composer at the Royaumont courses in 1995, under the supervision of British composer Brian Ferneyhough and Swiss composer Michael Jarrell, while he was writing his "TransFormantes II" (1995) for piano and clarinet. Menezes describes his impressions of Ferneyhough's teaching methods, on his behavior towards students, and how Ferneyhough put himself, aesthetically speaking, always in solidarity with the stundent's work. In comparison to Royaumont, he also mentions his experience as a student from Willy Corrêa de Oliveira in Brazil, who, on the other hand, was quite critical on the students' aesthetic decisions. Based on these encounters, Menezes discusses the specif icities of teaching composition, from the benefits of musical analysis to the impossibilities of teaching inventive process. [note by editor]


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Flo Menezes, Universidade Estadual Paulista

Flo MENEZES was born in São Paulo in 1962. Between 1980 and 1985 he studied Composition with Willy Corrêa de Oliveira at the University of São Paulo (USP), where he had also classes of musical analysis with Gilberto Mendes. In 1986 he became a German scholarship of DAAD to study Electronic Composition with Hans Ulrich Humpert at the Cologne Studio für elektronische Musik of the Music High School, where he was active as guest composer until the end of 1990, receiving his German diploma in 1989 (Mauricio Kagel, Hans Werner Henze and other in the jury). In 1991 he lived in Italy and worked as a composer at the Centro di Sonologia Computazionale of the University of Padua, working with Music V. As a composer Flo Menezes was awarded some of the most important international prizes in composition: in 1989 a selection from Unesco in Paris for "Contextures I" (1988-89); in 1993 from TRIMALCA for "Profils écartelés" (1988); in 1995 the Prix Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria, for "Parcours de l'Entité" (1994); in 1996 the First Prize of the «Luigi Russolo» Contest in Varese, Italy, for "A Viagem sobre os Grãos" (1996); in 2002 the Prêmio Cultural Sergio Motta of the city of São Paulo (among 441 inscribed works, for "Colores (Phila: In Praesentia)" (2000)); in 2003 the prestigious Bolsa de Artes Vitae for "labORAtorio" (2003); in 2007 the Giga-HertzPreis in Germany for "La Novití  del Suono" (2006), with Pierre Boulez, Wolfgang Rihm, Horacio Vaggione and other in the international jury. ORCID:




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Menezes, F. (2020). Invention is not taught. Revista Vórtex, 8(1), 11.