Music – source of immense joy or of disturbing frustration?

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  • Gabriel Mălăncioiu West University of Timișoara



In this essay we highlight the importance of the complementarity between an uninhibited vision, in which music is approached from a perspective that implies overcoming our cultural conditioning, and a vision that implies the integration of the cultural conditioning coming from the past. In the first part of the essay there are general references to the musical phenomenon, bringing into light aspects related to the compositional process later on. Finally, I discuss the importance of a holistic approach that encompasses polarities in education – in the field of music composition studies.


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Gabriel Mălăncioiu, West University of Timișoara

Gabriel Mălăncioiu's works have been performed by Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, Slovenian Chamber Choir, Ensemble Aventure, L'Arsenale, THReNSeMBle, Trio Contraste, Florian Mueller, Bjorn Wilker (Klangforum Wien), Richard Craig, Gudrun Hinze, Luca Piovesan and conductors such as Huba Hollókői, Michael Wendeberg, Eduardo Narbona, Martina Batič, Filippo Perocco, Remus Georgescu amongst others. Some of his works were released by Navona Records / Parma Recordings (USA), Ablaze Records (USA), Col Legno (Austria) (digital release), Stan Music (Germany) and Blowout Records (Italy). Gabriel Mălăncioiu is currently teaching Composition Techniques, Orchestration and Musical Analysis at the West University of Timișoara, Faculty of Music and Theatre. ORCID: E-mail:




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Mălăncioiu, G. (2020). Music – source of immense joy or of disturbing frustration?. Revista Vórtex, 8(1), 1–6.