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Serge Bulat

Serge Bulat is a Moldovan-American multidisciplinary artist, composer and sound designer, who has been contributing to both European and American art scenes, exploring various mediums: from music and visuals to video games, radio and theater productions. Artist's most notable works are "Queuelbum" (the concept project that won an IMA award for Best Electronic Album Of The Year), the immersive video game "Wurroom" (created in collaboration with Michael Rfdshir), the audiovisual installations "Third World Walker" and "INKBLOT", presented at festivals and conferences around the world including NYCEMF / USA, Convergence / UK, Technarte / Spain, New Music Gathering / USA, and Video Art Forum / Saudi Arabia. Bulat's artistic approach is often perceived as a meditation on arts, philosophy, science, and society; and deals with such diverse subjects as creativity, technology, reality, culture, and identity. Recent artistic activities include the release of the multi-format albums "Wurmenai", Similarities Between Fish And A Chair" (a collaboration with artists from 10 countries), and the score for the experimental video game "Isolomus".


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Dossier "Creative practices in Sound Art"