Poscolonial Peruvian Sheep and Their Digital Dreams: Pure Data as a Tool for Conceptual Reconfiguration in Peruvian Musical Education


  • José Ignacio López Ramírez Gastón Universidad Nacional de Música




Electroacoustic Music, Sound Arts, Latin American academic music, Experimental Peruvian Music, ELUNM, Pure Data, Visual Programing Languages


In this work, I discuss the use of Pure Data as the main tool for the development of paradigmatic changes in Peruvian musical education, through the implementation of the Laboratorio de Música Electroacústica y Arte Sonoro of the Universidad Nacional de Música in Lima - Perú. This analysis is made taking under consideration the particularities present in the development of the study of technology-based music in the country and the historical shortcoming that have marked that development. This work complements my previous research regarding the relevance of specific social narratives present through the history of the nation in regards to technology and musical innovation. In that sense, it presents a historical that seeks to revert the course of a musical learning history that excludes technology based musical practices associated with Pure Data, from becoming part of the official processes for musical creation in the country.


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Biografia do Autor

José Ignacio López Ramírez Gastón, Universidad Nacional de Música

José Ignacio López Ramí­rez Gastón holds a PhD in Computer Music from the University of California San Diego (UCSD) where he studied under the supervision of Miller Puckette. He is currently a lecturer at the Universidad Nacional de Música (ex Conservatorio Nacional de Música), where he is in charge of the music and technology courses, coordinates the Laboratorio de Música Electroacústica y Arte Sonoro and is Director de Innovación y Transferencia Tecnológica. He also lectures on Sound Arts and Popular Music at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. In 2019 he published the book La Guardia Nueva. Visiones Sobre la Música Electrónica en el Perú. ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-24 44-5437.


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Gastón, J. I. L. R. (2021). Poscolonial Peruvian Sheep and Their Digital Dreams: Pure Data as a Tool for Conceptual Reconfiguration in Peruvian Musical Education. Revista Vórtex, 9(2), 16. https://doi.org/10.33871/23179937.2021.9.2.16



Dossier "A quarter of century of Pd: past, present and future"