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Dear readers,

As I pointed out in the last Editor’s Letter, I promoted some changes in the Journal Research & Teaching (Ensino & Pesquisa) with the aim at making it more dynamic. I understand that processes should be more efficient, requiring authors to prepare and share their researches in preprint repositories, as well as the ability of publishers and peer review to publish articles. At the beginning of November of this year I participated in the LATINOAMERICANA, Asociación de Revistas Académicas de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales, event of the III Congreso Internacional Nuevos Horizontes de Iberoamérica in Mendoza, Argentina (The Congress was organized by Claudio Maiz, Ramiro Zó, Emiliano Matías Campoy, et al., UNCUYO, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, et. al.).  Abel Packer of SciELO was one of the panelists on the theme "Building scientific publishing policies in Latin America”. As the main of the mentioned event was at reflecting the policies that affect scientific activity (editing and publication), he emphasized the new SciElo Brazil-Chile procedures for 2018. The changes are based on the idea of an opening science, the quality, and visibility of academic productions, which are a trend in the international scientific world. In this way, this call alerts for the registration in the new site of the Journal Research & Teaching (Ensino & Pesquisa). This journal follows the initiative of SciELO and accepts the submission of manuscripts as preprints. Therefore, it is recommended that researchers who wish to publish with us, fill in the Metadata, register in the ORCID ID, an account in the repositories of preprints and With these procedures, the publisher and peer review can be given guidelines for immediate publication. For more information, visit the SciElo website.

Good reading,

Michel Kobelinski

Scientific Editor.

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