Click Tracker PD patch


  • João Pais Independent Researcher


The Click Tracker is a program designed for composers, conductors and instrumentalists that work with modern music. The main goal of the software is to prepare a click track of any score, no matter of how complex it is.


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João Pais, Independent Researcher

João Pais studied composition and electronic music in Lisbon, London and Freiburg. With Luí­s Antunes Pena and Diana Ferreira he founded and directed from 1997 to 2001 the new music festival "Jornadas Nova Música" in Aveiro (Portugal). With Alberto C. Bernal and Enrique Tomás he works on the laptop trio Endphase, dedicated to conceptual electronic improvisation. Endphase has presented itself in Europe, South America and Asia. From 2010 to 2012 Pais curated the performance series BodyControlled in the artist space LEAP (Berlin). Living in Berlin, Pais dedicates himself to composition and performance work with both acoustic and electronic means. João Pais works principally with the open source programming environment Pure Data (Pd) and is an active contributor to its development, both as a programmer of small tools and objects (part of Pd-Extended) and as an editor of Pd's software documentation (FLOSS Manual etc.). He uses Pd to create performance tools, such as Click Tracker, a patch to prepare click tracks for the performance, study and composition of complex music. Pais works also as a sound engineer for concerts and gives lectures and workshops on the theory and practice of electronic music. He also programmes for live electronics and installation works of other composers and media artists.




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