Jade God In


  • Ivan Eiji Simurra Unicamp


The work "˜Jade God In' for solo piano is a working in progress in which the aim is to research different sonorities coming from a single piano gesture: the arpeggios. From the timbral point of view on the work this particular music technique is the support tool for brightness and darkness sonorities. The work is dedicated to the Brazilian composer Felipe Ribeiro and the Greek pianist and composer Ermis Theodorakis performed it.


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Biografia do Autor

Ivan Eiji Simurra, Unicamp

Composer and researcher, Ivan Eiji Simurra performs electronic manipulations in pop music. BA in Music Composition and Master in Creative Processes at University of Campinas (Brazil). Currently, he is a PhD candidate at University of Campinas, scholarship: FAPESP funding. He teaches Harmony, Theory and Composition. He develops projects relating instrumental music composition, Science and Technology and musical analysis with computer assistance. The participated in several Festivals, Master Classes and Music Workshops His works are being performed in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Israel, Russia, Ireland, United States and Greece.




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Simurra, I. E. (2014). Jade God In. Revista Vórtex, 2(2). Recuperado de https://periodicos.unespar.edu.br/index.php/vortex/article/view/471




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