We walk together (2020)


  • Rui Chaves Federal University of Paraí­ba
  • Eduardo Patrício Bydgoszcz Music Academy
  • Laura Romero
  • Lilian Nakahodo
  • Luz da Camara




Musical work for the Dossier "Creative practices in Sound Art" [note by editor]

Link #1:http://vortex.unespar.edu.br/chaves_etal_v9_n2.mp3
Link #2: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXdYuKtwUhUrirWQ0B2X7XhfrBCGJVlGn


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Biografia do Autor

Rui Chaves, Federal University of Paraí­ba

Rui Chaves is a sound artist, curator and researcher. From 2015-2018, he was a postdoctoral researcher at NuSom (University of São Paulo) with a project focusing on creating an online "˜archive' of Brazilian sound art. In 2019, he co-edited with Professor Fernando Iazzetta the volume Making it Heard: A History of Brazilian Sound Art. Currently, he is a visiting lecturer at the Federal University of Paraí­ba visual arts department (2020-2024). E-mail: rui.chaves@gmail.com

Eduardo Patrício, Bydgoszcz Music Academy

Eduardo Patrí­cio is an assistant professor at the Bydgoszcz Music Academy. Sound designer focused on spatial sound, immersive media (VR / AR / XR), and sound to picture. Eduardo has a diverse background in research and music composition. More specifically, his interests lie on interactivity, post-production, and spatiality as mediators of rich and personal sonic experiences.

Laura Romero

Laura Romero. Audio producer, radio-maker, professor and researcher, she loves to create projects in different languages and territories, working for universities, media, podcast and radio stations. Her work is based on the intimacy and poetry of sound as a powerful tool to tell stories and preserve memories. Strongly interested in documentary field and the confluence of audio artistic works in a multilingual space. PhD in Communication, freelance researcher and professor.

Lilian Nakahodo

Lilian Nakahodo is an independent artist-researcher, with an emphasis on contemporary sonic practices. She also works as a musician (pianist, composer and bedroom producer) and audiovisual sound editor. Since 2015, she has performed sound walks for a diverse range of audiences in the context of the Mapa Sonoro de Curitiba project (Fundação Cultural de Curitiba, 2015).

Luz da Camara

Luz da Camara is a homeless body in search of herself by fleeing a binary logic. My research is about the production of atmospheres understood as the moment immediately before the split between subject and object. Works on and off with sound since 1995. I am a member of cem – centro em movimento (www.c-e-m.org) since 1998. Amongst other things, writes about walking journeys. Lives between Lisbon and Alentejo.


CHAVES, Rui & IAZZETTA, Fernando 32 Instruções Para Escutar (n)a Pandemia. São Paulo. BERRO, 2021. Available at: https://berro-nusom.bandcamp.com/merch/32-instru-es-para-escutar-n-a-pandemia-paperback-edition. Accessed on: 25 Oct. 2021.



Como Citar

Chaves, R., Patrício, E., Romero, L., Nakahodo, L., & da Camara, L. (2021). We walk together (2020). Revista Vórtex, 9(2). https://doi.org/10.33871/23179937.2021.9.2.8



Dossier "Creative practices in Sound Art"