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v. 4, n. 3 (2016) Developing an interpretation of Luigi Nono’s ...sofferte onde serene... Resumo   PDF (English)
Luciane Cardassi
v. 5, n. 2 (2017) A study about the use of Musicomovigrams in musical education Resumo   PDF (English)
Miguel Clemente Rubio, José Fornari Junior, Adriana N. Mendes
v. 5, n. 2 (2017) moon chunks: creating musical meanings Resumo   PDF (English)
Sara Carvalho
v. 5, n. 3 (2017) Rhythm perception and music cognition: a brief survey Resumo   PDF (English)
Letícia Dias de Lima
v. 5, n. 3 (2017) El Cimarrón by Hans Werner Henze – A New Approach to Political Song Resumo   PDF (English)
Jose Mario Ortiz
v. 6, n. 2 (2018) New Findings of Sicilian Folk Songs in Luciano Berio´s Naturale Resumo   PDF (English)
Leonardo Piermartiri
v. 6, n. 2 (2018) Contrasting noises and expanding sounds: the composition process of Caminantes I to IV Resumo   PDF (English)
Igor Leão Maia
v. 6, n. 2 (2018) Halny, for flute and guitar Resumo   PDF (English)   Audio (English)
Eduardo Frigatti
v. 6, n. 3 (2018) Tropical(ist) Fantasies: Bossa nova and samba in contemporary Lebanon Resumo   PDF (English)
Gabrielle Messeder
v. 7, n. 1 (2019) Kirchner and Time – An Analysis of Linear and Nonlinear Time in Leon Kirchner’s Interlude I Resumo   PDF (English)
Adriana Jarvis Twitchell, Guilherme Sauerbronn Barros
v. 7, n. 3 (2019) Review: Marianne Tansman’s “La guitare dans la vie d’Alexandre Tansman” (2018) Resumo   PDF (English)
Luigi Brandão, Marcos Holler
v. 8, n. 1 (2020) Music Composition Today Resumo   PDF (English)
Ming Tsao
v. 8, n. 1 (2020) The Practice of Teaching Composition Resumo   PDF (English)
Dániel Péter Biró
v. 8, n. 1 (2020) Teaching and Learning Electronic Music Composition Resumo   PDF (English)
Joachim Heintz
v. 8, n. 1 (2020) In the Era of Computers, Internet and Multimedia, are we still Teaching Composers to become Chapel-Masters? Resumo   PDF (English)
Rodolfo Coelho de Souza
v. 8, n. 1 (2020) Personal Thinking on the Creative Directions of Chinese Contemporary Zheng Music Resumo   PDF (English)
Peng Liu
v. 8, n. 1 (2020) Music – source of immense joy or of disturbing frustration? Resumo   PDF (English)
Gabriel Mălăncioiu
v. 8, n. 1 (2020) The night, the music: a cognitive hypothesis Resumo   PDF (English)
Maurício Dottori
v. 8, n. 1 (2020) The analogies toy: poetic algorithm as a composition strategy Resumo   PDF (English)
Armando Lôbo
v. 8, n. 1 (2020) Interview with Luigi Abbate Resumo   PDF (English)
Luigi Abbate, Eduardo Campolina, Igor Leão Maia
v. 8, n. 1 (2020) Composição e performance podem ser, e frequentemente tem sido, pesquisa Resumo   PDF (English)
Ian Pace, Vitória Liz P. Louveira, William Teixeira
v. 8, n. 1 (2020) Invention is not taught Resumo   PDF (English)
Flo Menezes
v. 8, n. 1 (2020) Teaching electronic music – journeys through a changing landscape Resumo   PDF (English)
Simon Emmerson
v. 8, n. 1 (2020) Shared musical creativity: teaching composer-performer collaboration Resumo   PDF (English)
Luciane Cardassi, Guilherme Bertissolo
v. 8, n. 1 (2020) Discussing the teaching of composition at the university Resumo   PDF (English)
Yuri Behr, Clayton Rosa Mamedes, Isaac Felix Chueke
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