Aesthetic Education and Sensitivity from the Thought of Friedrich Schiller

Graciele Maria Coelho de Andrade Gomes, Mário de Faria Carvalho


In this article, we reflect on the aesthetic formation of man from the dialogue established between Friedrich Schiller and the Duke of Augustenburg, what we know today as the letters of Schiller. We try to problematize some theoretical assumptions present in these letters regarding the subject and how this constructions shapes subjectivity from aesthetic sensations. The objective of this research is to understand the (de) appreciation of the sensitive and the (dis) equilibrium between human nature, sensibility and aesthetic education of man, with Schiller's letters as a universe of reflection. It is a research of a bibliographic nature, of an exploratory-descriptive nature. The premises presented in the present study point out that the questions raised by the philosopher are still present to the understanding of how aesthetic formation dialogues with the constitution of subjectivities, morality and, above all, with the appreciation of sensitivities as mobilizers of human existence.


Education. Aesthetics. Sensitivities. Schiller.

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